4 Million iPhones Activated by Verizon in Q1 2013

In the first quarter of 2013, Verizon, one of the four main carriers in United States, activated about 4 million iPhone 5 units from a total amount of 7.2 million smartphones. Apple accounted more than half of the total amount while 50% represent the latest iPhone revealed by the Fruit Company, and the rest of 50 percent represent older Apple handsets such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

iPhone units activated at Verizon d

The nation’s largest carrier informed the public by its quarterly earnings on Thursday, mentioning the fact that half of the 4 million iPhone units activated represent 4G LTE devices. Since the iPhone 5 is the only product with LTE support in Apple’s iPhone line, it means that Verizon sold around 2 million iPhone 5 Units.

Despite the fact that this number might suggest a huge amount of units sold, in fact, Apple’s 55 percent share of Verizon smartphones represents a substantial decrease compared with nearly two-thirds of activations the iPhone saw in the holiday quarter of 2012. However, this is not uncommon.

The previous quarter represented a pretty good season for Apple in what concerns the number of units sold. The release of the iPhone 5 was the key factor that generated increased sales for the big Cupertino Company. In the same time, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S suffered notable price cuts that transformed the two devices into perfect gifts. However, the percent of iPhone 5 units activated remained the same, representing half of all Apple smartphones activated at Verizon. With 6.4 million devices sold in the last quarter, Apple surely felt the difference.

Despite the fact that some critics might suggest that Apple will shortly lose ground in front of Samsung and other rivals, the iPhone still represents the main handset for more than half of the U.S population. However, with a new device on the production line, Apple will definitely come forth. The next handset released will generate some notable changes. In what concerns other important U.S. carrier, the iPhone represented 84 percent of all smartphone activations at AT&T.

Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam suggested the fact that the three-month period in the beginning of 2013 represented a notable ascension for the US carrier reporting earning of 68 cents per share on revenue of $29.4 billion, which means a 15 percent year over year growth. Their “strategic investments in wireless, wireline and global networks” have offered them a sustainable platform for enjoying growth opportunities in several markets.


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